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Sterilization Systems

Telstar has extensive experience in designing solutions for all types of applications, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device sector. In these industries, standards established for the production of sterile products are continuously becoming higher and require the manufacturer to be able to document the repeatability of the cycles and the full control of the equipment and its functions, that is, validate its processes. On the other hand, the tendency towards parametrically releasing the manufactured batch to avoid quarantine at the end of terminal sterilization, results in these standards no longer being seen as an obligation but rather as a source of competitive advantage for the manufacturer. Telstar sterilizers are designed to offer customers these advantages.

  • Moist Heat Sterilization Equipment

    Moist heat sterilization technology is the most widely used given its versatility and effectiveness for heat resistant products. Depending on the...

  • Chemical Sterilization Equipment

    Ethylene oxide is a very efficient sterilising agent. It is a bactericide, a sporicide and a viricide. It has a very favourable diffusion coefficient...

  • Dry Heat Sterilization Equipment
    Dry Heat Sterilization Equipment

    Hot dry air sterilization is generally used for materials that tolerate high temperatures, generally metal or glass. It is the method of choice...