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Operating Theatre Solutions

Due to demographic changes of the societies, in particular in Europe, the requirements for hospital performances changed. The average lifetime of individuals has increased and will continue to do so. When people are getting older the need for curing and healing increases too, as of course with higher age the number of possible sicknesses increases as well.

In addition the technological medical capabilities are extending tremendously too, such as possible natural or artificial implants will become more and more common.

These two facts will require from medical sciences extended skills and tools.

In particular this will apply to surgery and its related operating theatres.

The higher the demands on surgeon's performances are, the higher the demands on installations will rise.

The most crucial parameters in the operating theatres are determined by the cleanliness of the theatre. Besides proper cleaning of people and instruments, the air in the theatre is a decisive factor.

Surgeries can become the source of infections, recognized only later and therefore called post operative infections. This problem does not only endanger patients life and health, but also generate tremendous amounts of post operative costs for hospitals, societies and economies (such as extension of patients hospital stays, treatments, medication, multiple surgeries, invalidity, disinfections, lawsuits, pensions etc.).

Currently such are in hospitals common experience, but there are possibilities to avoid them or at least to minimize them significantly.

  • Basics

    One of the most promising and since decades proven solutions is the use of laminar flow air systems within the surgery zone. Based on more then 35...

  • Working principle

    Basically Telstar operation theatre air flow systems accomplish the highest technical results by optimized combination of air, HEPA filters, air...

  • Type of Laminar Flow Systems
    Type of Laminar Flow Systems

    Sterility in an operating theater is an absolute imperative for ensuring that patients are protected from life-threatening infections. The Telstar...