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Customer Service

Our experience and expertise makes us the best service option for TELSTAR machines.The official customer service international network comprised of highly qualified engineers, guarantees a service exceeding all expectations .


Technical Assistance

Whenever anything unforeseen occurs in one of your installations or machines or there is a breakdown or a fault, TELSTAR knows that the ability to resolve the problem in the shortest possible time is a top priority for you.

Our after sales service department guarantees the necessary action is taken to ensure that any machine or installation with a break down functions correctly and at full capacity.

We provide highly qualified staff to assist you by means of:

  • Telephone- it is possible to diagnose as well as actually resolve many break downs.
  • Remote connection, if your installation or machine is equipped with our remote maintenance system it is possible to analyse and solve different problems from our installations.
  • If our technical engineer's presence is required we will provide you with a rapid response from our local customer service centres or depending on location from our central headquarters.

Maintenance Contracts

The maintenance plan of an industrial machine must be flexible and adapted to the actual operation conditions. Our engineers study the operation conditions of each machine working out a maintenance plan which most meets the needs of each of our clients and therefore optimizing the costs and maintenance down time.

Machine maintenance is not solely based on the main inspections conducted periodically. Here at Telstar Life Sciences we attach great importance to the routine testing carried out by the machine users and their experience and observations. Communication with the end user for us is the key to the success in the satisfactory development of a maintenance plan.

Machine Updating

New technical solutions constantly appear in our sector, improving the services of the latest manufactured machines, but what happens with the units which are already in production? Telstar Life Sciences offers you our knowledge and experience so that your machines have the best technical solutions which the market demands from us.

We undertake projects ranging from small instrumentation updates to complete machine reconditioning both in our own installations and in those of the clients. We include protocols and project qualification documentation as required as well as a complete project dossier.

Spare parts & Accessories

Telstar Life Sciences has a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to managing spare parts and accessories, to avoid the machine being out of service due to a missing essential component.

Telstar has a wide ranging stock of spare parts, guaranteeing the optimum delivery time of the Telstar machine components.

Contact our after sales team of engineers for a detailed study of the spare parts, recommended by Telstar for its machines. We will put forward a proposal that best meets your needs.


Telstar has a team of technicians, offering training courses on the following themes:

  • Freeze drying theory
  • Detailed study of the freeze drying stages
  • Design of freeze drying formula. Laboratory freeze drying
  • Scale of a formula from laboratory to industrial freeze dryers
  • Operation in Telstar freeze drying machines
  • Preventive maintenance in Telstar freeze drying machines
  • Cold-storage installation in Telstar freeze drying machines
  • Industrial vacuum
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Instrumentation

The courses may be carried out in our Terrassa workshop or if more convenient, they can be conducted in the clients' installations. The theoretical courses are complemented with practical work shops on your freeze dryer and /or with placebo.