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Vacuum Sensor Calibration Laboratory: ENAC accreditation

Vacuum Calibration Laboratory is accredited by ENAC with accreditation num. 80LC/10.055 in the range of 1.10-3 hPa to 1300 hPa. The Laboratory has two calibration procedures, (TV001 and TV002), internal Laboratory documents covered by the ENAC accreditation, specifying all the steps to follow for vacuum indicator calibration. Calibration for vacuum is carried out by direct comparison with a carefully controlled and calibrated pressure gauge. The reference pressure gauge is a Reference Metrology Laboratory diaphragm pressure gauge.

The calibration process in Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U.'s Laboratory fulfills the most comprehensive working procedures, which guarantee that equipment is treated with great care.

  • Equipment reception: the equipment to be calibrated is received in Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U.'s Logistic Center. On arrival, the warehouse personnel assign it a unique ID to avoid any confusion. Warehouse personnel notify the Calibration Laboratory of the arrival of the equipment to be calibrated and take it to a special area.
  • Calibration: laboratory personnel pick up the equipment and take it to the laboratory where it will be kept with a stable temperature and position for a minimum of 8 hours before calibration. Calibration is carried out in Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U.'s Calibration Laboratory under controlled atmospheric conditions. Duly identified and controlled reference standards are used in calibration. Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U's calibration procedures are internal calibration documents that specify the steps to follow to perform calibration and the subsequent issuing of results. A calibration certificate is issued for each calibrated piece of equipment to the specifications required by ENAC.
  • Dispatch: Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U.'s Logistic Center dispatches the calibrated equipment. Special care is taken when packaging since this equipment is extremely susceptible to damage