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Our Value

Telstar Life Science Solutions contributes to improvements in medical-hospital, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and general laboratory services by offering high-quality innovative solutions that guarantee improved quality of life and well-being for society as a whole.

Telstar's aim is to provide tailor-made solutions in strict accordance to the needs of customers. For this reason, functions such as engineering, R&D, manufacturing and customer service are dedicated to each of the technologies in which Telstar has expertise:

  • Solutions and equipment for clean air technology, such a horizontal and vertical laminar flow cabinets, biological safety cabinets or laminar flow industrial protection booths. 
  • Solutions and equipment for contamination control, sterilisation autoclaves using moist heat, ethylene oxide and aseptic drying and sterilisation ovens.   
  • Solutions and equipment using biological containment technology, such as containment isolators, sterile isolators, weighing booths and RABS.
  • Solutions and equipment using freeze drying and vacuum drying technology, ranging from laboratory freeze dryers to GMP freeze dryers for production with automatic loading and unloading systems.
  • Solutions and equipment using laminar flow technology applied to operating theatres and environments for immunodepressed patients.
  • Solutions and production equipment for storage and distribution of purified water, water for injection and pure steam.