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Downflow Booths

With more than 35 years of experience and a continuous investment in R&D, Telstar is pleased to provide equipment that can bring advanced levels of protection to those who work with potentially hazardous and toxic materials.

Telstar Downflow booths offer the highest levels of operator and product protection within the industry, used particularly where hazardous and toxics powders are processed.

The company assets available within Telstar has the right capacity to handle any large scale high value or high volume project. Leaders in customizing fully integrated systems, working in partnership with our customers organization to provide the exact solution for every particular requirement

A complete range of alternatives, accessories, and options allows Telstar to provide a wide range of configurations to suit many stringent applications.

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    Telstar Downflow boothsprovide high levels of operator protection (OEL <100 mg/m3) from Potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during...