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Containment & Barrier Systems

In the global pharmaceutical market with the ever growing demands on materials, operator and environmental protection, consideration toward increasing standards of safety, sterility assurance and regulatory compliance has never been higher.

As applications expand into less traditional areas of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Laboratory and Hospital environments the availability of customized solutions has been essential to ensure that equipment is designed and installed with the maximum effectiveness whilst understanding the need for flexibility, ergonomics and cleaning.

Traditional containment/aseptic technologies such as Downflow Booths (DFB's) Laminar Airflow systems (LAF), aseptic/containment Isolators and Restricted access barrier systems (RABS) are being enhanced by additional features providing greater product, operator or environmental safety technology.

Designs such as containment ‘screens' within Downflow booths improve operator protection whilst Flexible isolators and cRABS (Closed restricted access barriers) brings a new generation to this already available technology offering many additional advantages to our client base.

With the utilization of additional containment technologies such as flexible ‘bag in-bag out' and closed transfer such as RTP (rapid Transfer Ports) as well as Split Butterfly valve technology allows the containment system designer the ability to ‘combine' technologies for the best and most appropriate layered affect for the application. This will ensure the minimization of containment ‘gaps' throughout the process steps.

We consider that all of today's current Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Procedures are subject to FDA or EMEA regulatoryguidelines focusing on Product Sterility Assurance as well as understanding the safety and health needs defined under COSHH + OSHA considering the wide requirement for Operator and Environmentprotection.

Our turnkey equipment packages are completed with the full implementation of appropriate cGMP/GAMP documentation including IQ/OQ packages, FDS/quality plan submittals and all industry standard code considerations from our global manufacturing plants ensuring compliance, control and validation of all data submittals.            

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