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HEPA Filtered Air Showers

Telstar HEPA filtered air showers are specially designed to remove particulate matter from the clothing of personnel entering and exiting containment areas.

Within the enclosure of the air shower, particles are removed from clothing or materials being transferred by high-speed jets of air.

In order to increase the output and efficiency of the air shower, the airspeed is sufficiently high to remove particles by kinetic action. In addition, an extremely low particle level is achieved by means of HEPA filtration before the air enters the chamber.

The shower operates when it detects the access door opening and closing or when it detects the presence of a person or object in the correct position. During operation, the doors are interlocked to prevent personnel exiting the shower before completion of the decontamination cycle.

There is an emergency push-button, which halts operation and opens the doors. For use in highly critical areas it is possible to set the emergency stop system to permit exit in one direction only.

A complete range of configurations, options and accessories enables the TELSTAR air showers to be adapted to specific customer requirements.