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Clean Room Systems

The increasingly demanding requirements of production processes make it necessary to use suitable installations that guarantee final product quality.

The experience acquired over these thirty years in the clean room field enable us to provide the best and widest variety of solutions, depending on customer and needs. 

One element that sets apart is the constant technological innovation in this field. This is all driven by a team of expert professionals devoted to the optimisation of the entire system (resources, spaces, equipment, energy costs)

Telstar's philosophy is "quality above everything else", which is why our installations comply with current international standards, providing the customer with a modern, easily managed, safe installation.

  • Clean Room Components

    Layout design is fundamental to maintaining containment / sterility commitments. The laboratory interior has to be designed so that it is easily...

  • Laminar Air Flow Systems
    Laminar Air Flow Systems

    With more than 35 years of experience in air handling technologies, Telstar offer a complete range of product with Fan Filter Units to be wall or...

  • HEPA Filtered Air Showers

    Telstar HEPA filtered air showers are specially designed to remove particulate matter from the clothing of personnel entering and exiting containment...

  • SAS Pass Through Boxes

    The requirements for processes involved in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and similar regulated products are becoming increasingly demanding,...