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Type of Laminar Flow Systems

Sterility in an operating theater is an absolute imperative for ensuring that patients are protected from life-threatening infections. The Telstar Operating Theatre Ventilation ceiling meets the highest demands for hygienic and physiological working conditions. The CG-Z/CG-U system filters air and creates an extremely homogeneous laminar flow with very little turbulence. Any bacteria, viruses or dust particles are extracted directly before the air enters the area. This means that the operating area is completely isolated within the surrounding room, effectively preventing any contamination by bacteria or virus-laden air. The low degree of turbulence also provides a pleasant working environment for medical personnel.

Every surgery requires different protection levels depending on the type of surgery. Protection of patient, materials and instruments needed for the surgery can be done with different types of laminar flow systems. Therefore Telstar has developed several types of flow systems which in basis have the same work-principle as described in chapter 4. The Telstar Laminar Flow systems are designed according the requirements and regulations, which can differ for each country.